What Sort Of Person Are You?

There are various ways of assessing personality, but one of the more accurate tests is the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator.

I’ve introduced friends to the test, and they agreed with the results – as did I, knowing them well. This version of it is quick and easy to do. It took me about twelve minutes.


I’m of the ENFJ group, which doesn’t surprise me given my sensitive and artistic personality (honest!)

Some employers use disguised adaptations of the test when interviewing job candidates, to help find people with the behavioural characteristics they’re after. This is rather more reassuring than firms that use graphology to analyse job applicants’ handwriting. This supposed science has been repeatedly shown to be spurious, but amazingly 30% of human resources officers still use it in the U.K. and U.S.A. It’s even more widely used in France, where a bewildering 80% of employers regularly checking their staff’s handwriting.

If you’d like to know more about Myers-Briggs, have a look at the Wikipedia page for them :


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