After reading that sales of audiobooks had risen by 34% during lockdown, I spent ten gruelling months in 2020 narrating and recording and editing and mastering my five Cornish Detective stories. Uploading them to, I was surprised at how well they sold without any promotion from me. To make them more discoverable, I used a British site called Free Audio Books (FAB) to hand out the so-called Promo Codes for me. Fifty codes are given to an author for each published audiobook, the idea being that you give them to critics, reviewers, friends and family – in the hope that they’ll leave a review and a star rating. Reviews drive sales! One of the people who runs FAB is Sally Roughton, who works as a narrator too and she also makes promotional video trailers for audiobooks. Feeling flush with my first audiobook royalty of £378, I commissioned Sally to make what she calls a Deep Dive Trailer (see her site), which is just less than the two minutes twenty seconds Twitter permits. I was very pleased with the result. I’m going to monitor what effect it has on sales, but I’ll likely get her to make more trailers for the other four titles. You’ve got to speculate to accumulate!

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