What Wouldn’t You Read?

With dark days ahead of us, as restrictions bite about wandering, we’re all going to be reading more. Perhaps now is the time to widen our reading tastes, try something new.

I read about 365 books annually, about half of them in my chosen writing genre of Crime.

If any of you shun Crime stories, I specifically recommend Kim Zupan’s The Ploughmen, which is one of the most unusual crime stories I’ve read


If you can’t get your hands on that, try any of Walter Mosley’s street smart private eye stories. Devil In A Blue Dress is the best known, filmed starring Denzel Washington.

You’ll learn a lot from Mosley’s writing technique and I recommend his This Year You Write Your Novel as a common sense guide to being a writer.


I rarely read Romance stories, so can any of you recommend titles to me?

Which books in your writing genre do you admire?

And, which genre do you dislike? Perhaps a fan could change your mind.

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