UK Reading Habits

This survey, by The Book People with 2,000 respondents surprised me a bit:

The UK’s Reading Habits Revealed

That Crime, Thriller and Mystery take the top three positions, with Romance only showing at ninth might be a reflection of many things—the socio-economic status of those surveyed, their gender, their age, their location. Also, how do The Book People distinguish between those top three genres? My crime novels include thrills and mystery (and, I don’t mean “Why the hell am I writing this?” :rolleyes: )

I was under the impression that Romance/Erotica ruled, with Crime/Mystery runner-up. Perhaps that’s still the case when it comes to revenue from sales:

Which 5 Book Genres Make The Most Money?

Clicking through the comparison function at the bottom of the Book People’s survey page shows that my reading habits would have put the results off-kilter, as I read about 360 books a year!

What do you make of the survey?

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