Sniffing Books!

At the end of a working week, I usually treat myself to a longed-for book or CD on eBay. I’ve just purchased a book on philosophy written by Lin Yutang.

The Importance of Living was going for about a tenner new as a paperback, but I was the only bidder on a used hardback copy published in 1947—probably because it’s in well-used condition with browned pages and a tatty cover. Such things don’t bother me: it’s the contents I’m after.

I like that the book shows its age. I wonder how may readers have eyed its pages, gleaning wisdom from the author’s thoughts. That’s something impossible to ponder with a Kindle or smartphone or tablet.

Should I ever get to heaven (I’m hellbound! :angry-face-with-horns:) it would be nice to think that parts of it smell of new books, while others pong of old volumes!

I’m looking forward to sniffing my latest purchase. :rolleyes:

Do you like the aroma of freshly printed books and of those that are disintegrating?

Do you own any smelly ancient books?


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