Quoting Myself

2021 is the year in which I self-promote and schmooze on social media. I’ve been reading writing gurus’ advice online and in self-published books on how best to use Twitter, Facebook business pages, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Somewhere or other, I came across a suggestion that an author quote themselves, by producing posters with their own pithy words on—that could be uploaded to social media and even to sell as hard copies ordered online and at book signings and literary festivals.

I’ve been collecting quotes, aphorisms, poems, anecdotes and song lyrics for decades. Deciding on the attribution of a quote can be fraught sometimes, as people state that someone famous said something when really they were just repeating a wise observation originally recorded by someone else, maybe a hundred years before.

There are plenty of companies offering literary posters, such as these:


It shouldn’t be forgotten, that using quotes, poems and song lyrics could land a writer in hot water. 

Thus, coming up with one’s own quotes is free of the risk of being sued—and may provide inspiration or comfort for someone. It’s literally getting the word out about your writing! So, one should include details of where the quote came from—your name and which of your books + where it can be bought!

I’ve been pondering what quotes from my writing that I could turn into posters. I mocked up one that might appeal.

Do you have any phrases that would look good on a poster?

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