Money for Free

Mystery has surrounded who has been leaving packages of money in the village of Blackhall Colliery, in County Durham since 2014.

The cash was left in places where it would be quickly found and close to residents who would benefit from financial assistance.

Now, two benefactors have identified themselves:

Their good deed resembles the plot of a novel written by Niall Williams:

It made me remember a similar story from when I was living in the USA in 2002. An elderly couple won the Mega Millions lottery, an absurd amount, a couple of hundred million dollars. They gave their house to their daughter, along with several million, and hit the road in a new RV joining the ‘snowbirds’ who migrate south to warmer states.

They didn’t tell anyone of their good fortune but kept their ears open for stories of people down on their luck. Thus, if someone had run up medical bills, they paid them off anonymously. If a mobile hairdresser needed a new vehicle to run her business, then they’d buy her one, seeing to it that it was delivered without mentioning who’d paid for it.

The world needs more do-gooders like them!

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