We’ve talked about loglines or elevator pitches many times on Paul Pens.

I’ve gotten into the habit of starting a synopsis with a preface that sums up the plot in a couple of sentences, but, making another query last night, a literary agent specifically asked for a logline to describe my book. Toby Munday is an agent at Aevitas


who use an online submission form. Theirs is different to most agencies who appear to have bought commercial software. Aevitas don’t call it a logline: rather, they describe it as a One sentence summary of your book or manuscript.”

In seven years of making 850 queries, this is the first time a logline has been requested. I wonder if it’s the start of a trend.

Mine, for The Dead Need Nobody, is: An art gallery owner prefers paintings to people, killing to protect his collection, something that Detective Chief Inspector Neil Kettle finds repugnant, so he lures him into a trap.”

What’s your logline or elevator pitch for your latest book?

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