Internet Security

Staying safe online is a concern for all of us.

I went over to the Linux operating system a few years ago.

Like most people, I learnt how to use computers with Microsoft Windows. This o/s has its advantages, but security isn’t one of them. Although I’m extremely careful about preventing malware infections, I still got clobbered a few times, once so seriously that I had to delete everything on my hard drive by making a clean re-install of Windows. Fortunately, I’d backed up most of my work on memory sticks and in the cloud, but I still lost a lot of work.

Linux Mint is a different atmosphere. I have a basic firewall installed, but no antivirus apps. It’s rare for there to be virus attacks on Linux. I feel safe.

Nevertheless, as is the way with online life, it’s impossible to avoid intrusion. Everyone is watching everybody else.

I’ve just found a way of deleting myself from snooping sites I didn’t know had my details:

It’s worth running a check. My name was on twenty sites I’d authorised, such as email and those connected to my blog, but somehow, a sports stadium in Orlando, Florida knew about me—how? I deleted a dozen other watchers, including a company who sell a reproofing compound for sports car soft-top rooves, a marmalade manufacturer and a marine insurance broker!

This is more weird than threatening, but it goes to show how commerce steals your details to prosper—and to sell on.

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