How to write your first novel, according to experts

his Evening Standard article discusses writing courses and three recently published how-to guides.

The £4,000 fee for the Faber Academy course Writing A Novel is a strong indicator of how to make money from writing—run a course, writers’ retreat or online pay-for tuition or editing services. Remember, far more suppliers of mining equipment, clothing and food supplies got rich during a gold rush, than hard-working miners themselves.

Another recent writing guide, that’s worth a look is Sam Leith’s Write to the Point: How to be Clear, Correct and Persuasive on the Page

Image result for Write-Point-Clear-Correct-Persuasive leith

I read it last year, and liked his calm and common sense approach, which reminded me of another writing guru Noah Lukeman.

What the Evening Standard doesn’t really mention, is that writing your first novel is the easy part. It’s selling it that’s hard!

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