Fantasy Travelling

In these days when we’re becoming all too familiar with our wallpaper, why not fantasise about where to set a future novel?

I was researching the landscape of N.E. Georgia last night, for my third novella about a traumatised Civil War veteran. Art Palmer has spent the previous two years hiding out in the Appalachians but is now making for the Atlanta area to help his sister rebuild her plantation.

I’ve visited the foothills of the Appalachians, but I’d like to walk the 2,200 miles of The Appalachian National Scenic Trail running between Georgia and Maine.

Author Bill Bryson attempted to walk the trail, which he described in A Walk In The Woods.

To warm-up, I’d first walk the 296 miles of the Cornwall Coast Path.

Where would you go to escape the Coronavirus lockdown?

It needn’t be on this planet if you write Science Fiction or Fantasy.

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