Do you have a Writer’s Fork on your Hand?

Your destiny may be written in the stars, but perhaps you can get a clue of where you’re bound from the lines on the palm of your hands.

Palmistry or Cheirology proponents claim that if the Head Line on your palm ends in a tassel-like fork on the Mound of Luna, then you possess a creative ability with words.

The deeper that the fork extends into the Mound of Luna, the more a person retreats into imaginary worlds, with a natural talent for using words. The wider the fork, the more adaptable and resourceful you are.

Apparently, the dominant hand shows the person’s actual development, while the non-dominant hand shows latent talents and potential.

Gawping at my own wrinkled mitts, I find proof of my schizoid personality, for my right dominant hand shows a Writer’s Fork that’s entirely disconnected from the Head Line. It’s as if it was dashed onto my palm, breaking the fork off, so that it’s laying beneath the Head Line and moreover facing my wrist rather than the side of my hand. D’oh!

On the other hand, literally, my left Writer’s Fork looks like it was branded into my skin, being red, deep and clear.

I’m not sure what to make of this, though I am a Thursday’s child—who ‘has far to go’ according to the old nursery rhyme, so perhaps I should start writing stories in longhand using my potent left hand!

How are your Writer’s Forks?

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