Clothing & the Author

This article in the New York Times made me consider how much I use descriptions of clothing to denote character:

Your Literary Idols and Their Wardrobes

How the writer dresses can all be a part of their brand, which is tackled in the book. I dread to think how I’d present myself, though I guess I could ape how my protagonist detective dresses, which is practically for the sometimes rough landscape where he investigates crimes—hence, he favours supportive walking boots, wax proof coats and leather jackets.

The British actress Beryl Reid said that she found how to play a role through choosing the shoes that the character wore.

Image result for wearing weird shoes cartoons

This approach makes sense, and it’s an oft-given piece of advice on how to judge personality.

Have you ever used clothing to indicate characteristics in your fiction? Do you dress distinctly, hoping to establish an image?

Tom Wolfe (keeping his local dry cleaning shop in business!)


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