Are You Having Fun?

I came across a quote from Ed Emberley, an American artist, author and illustrator of children’s books:

I am determined to have fun doing my work… if I’m enjoying myself then that feeling is passed on to the reader.”

It chimed in with my latest writing project, the sixth story in The Cornish Detective series, which I’m having fun with, as I’m creating it in disconnected chunks. Keeping a series fresh is a challenge, so this unconventional way of forming a plot is preventing me from falling into old routines.

Perhaps fun is transitory, happiness short-lived while contentment is the ideal state. It’s no bad thing to amuse yourself. I favour situational humour. I wrote a chapter last week, in which my protagonist gets swept out to sea while attempting to improve his stamina after being injured. At the same time, two of his detectives are discussing their exercise regimes, praising their boss for being proactive with his wild swimming and looking fitter for it. It’s not a laugh-out-loud comedy, but as it made me smile, it may entertain the reader.

Are you having fun, yet?


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