Jane Friedman reports on a new social media network in her Electric Speed newsletter. claims to be: A visual platform that helps you think. Spend less time “liking” and more time thinking. frees your mind from distraction and lets you organize your internet more mindfully.

Jane Friedman describes as a mashup of Pinterest, Scrivener and Pocket. At first glance, it looks a bit like Pinterest, with the feature of being able to add files to help organise and publicise writing projects. It’s free to use with up to 100 of what are called private ‘blocks’, with unlimited public blocks. A Premium Package at $45 a year offers additional features.

I’ve opened a free account and will be exploring the site.

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Hmm, in the sinister way of modern cyber life, I noticed just now when I logged onto, that although I haven’t filled in any personal details or made any posts, the profile picture I have on the Gmail address I used for contact has been added to—without my say-so—social media really is watching me!

More about here.

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